Super Bowl Sunday

I’m looking forward to our Super Bowl party this afternoon, but I admit that I’m more excited about friends, commercials, and southwest-spiced turkey sandwiches than I am about the game.

In general terms, I “like” football. I rarely if ever missed a game during college, and I still absolutely love watching a game live. It’s just televised professional football that makes my eyes glaze over. With a flag on every other down and commercial breaks every ten minutes, I find them to be more of an exercise in attention than a leisure activity.

The last time a televised game held my attention longer than 10 minutes was in October. The “Crucial Catch” initiative honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was my favorite breast cancer promotion to date.

It cracked me up to see 300lb manly men tearing up and down the field with flashes of bright pink on their wrists and feet. I thought it was a very powerful statement and a wonderful way to bring attention to the cause.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


2 Responses to Super Bowl Sunday

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  2. […] the color has literally exploded, finding its way onto stamps, silicon wristbands, airplanes and NFL players. There are literally now hundreds of groups out there involved in the cause and most, if not all, […]

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