About Us

I’m Lindsay, aka Summer Daughter

and I’m Nancy, aka Summer Mother

Our Story

Nancy is my father’s sister, so I suppose you could say we met shortly after I was born. However, Nancy and her family live far away in Houston, Texas, where my dad grew up prior to moving to Virginia to attend college and later to raise his family. Growing up, it was important to Dad that my brother and I keep in touch with our Texas roots, so we spent 2-3 weeks nearly every summer on Lake LBJ with my grandmother and uncle, water-skiing and avoiding BIG spiders. It was during these trips that I first started to get to know my very cool aunt, but it wasn’t until my third year in college that we really connected.

In 2007, Nancy helped me land an internship with the advertising agency where she and her husband Mark were currently working in Creative. As if that wasn’t enough, they invited me to live with them for the duration of the summer. I remember being really nervous before I left. “Do you think it’s okay if I wear my pajamas at the breakfast table?!?” I worriedly asked my dad.

Turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about, as we had absolutely everything in common. Nancy and I quickly bonded over spin classes, Harry Potter, audio books on long car rides, The Office, long walks with Gus (cutest dog EVER), and playing iPhone Scrabble in the movie theater. Those three short months with Nancy, Mark, and Harrison (my cousin/their son) aka Summer Family were easily some of the best of my life.

Our Story with Breast Cancer and the Avon Walk

Breast cancer is a disease that has affected many women and their families in this world, whether directly or indirectly. Our family is no exception, and Nancy and I are both very passionate about the cause.

In early 2010, a personal scare acted as the last straw and finally motivated me to take some action. At a friend’s suggestion, I registered for and participated in my first Avon 2-Day Walk in Washington DC, raising $2,500 in just two months. Like the loving aunt that she is, Nancy supported me through every step of the process. She spread the word among her Houston friends, made a generous donation, and offered me great fundraising ideas, including the hilarious graphic that I had printed on T-shirts.

My experience with the Avon 2-Day Walk in DC was more than positive, and I knew from my very first step on Walk Weekend that I’d want to participate for years to come. When the time came to register for 2011, I asked Nancy if she’d like to join me. She agreed without a moment’s hesitation, and with a quick glance at our calendars we registered and formed a team for the Houston Walk on April 16th and 17th.

We are so excited for the months ahead, and we hope you will continue to read and stay involved with our fundraising and training!


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